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Painted Wraith Anniversary Street Fest

Saturday August 12

10 am - 5 pm

Downtown Bloomington, IL

Come help us celebrate our shop's 2nd anniversary this August! We want to do something fun this year!


We will be blocking off the 100 block of West Monroe St (between Main and Center) and will be filling the block with artists and music!

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Painted Wraith Anniversary Street Festival
Meet Our Vendors

Pigeon Paper Co

I am a linocut artist from the Heights in Peoria, Illinois, creating original signed art prints on various handmade paper media. My photo includes my kitten Pigeon, the namesake of my business and the inspiration to begin selling at shows.

McLean County Arts Center

Mission Statement: We encourage and promote the appreciation, study, cultivation, development, and practice of art for the benefit of all the people, cultures and communities of McLean County.

K&K Woodworks

Scroll saw cut puzzles, toys, and decorative items.

Zombie Parts

Zombie Parts is an alternative clothing store where we ressurect old unwanted items into freaky new staples for your closet!

Eclectic Jewelry

I create silver jewelry with a spooky, eclectic, dark aesthetic.
Instagram - Eclecticjewelry575
Facebook - Eclectic jewelry

Dreams & Botanicals 

Cosmic visions and botanical inspiration - Dreams & Botanicals began with its iconic Tarot Dream Catchers. Each dream catcher takes inspiration from a card from the major arcana and archetypes. 
We have since branched out into other themes such as elemental and zodiac themed dream catchers for the astrological witches out there.
Some of our most loved products are our Celtic Ogham Runes wood burned onto wood slices. We also have a new Sabbat wood burn collection coming out this summer with Samhain being the kickstarter.
Instagram – dreamsandbotanicals

Lil Shop of Pourers 

I choose acrylic pouring as my primary method. This allows me to choose colors and ultimately palettes that properly convey my mood, mind set, and focus from one piece to another. I paint in multiple colors of my own mixture, creation, and unique names. Layered and blown with an air brush to reveal exquisite, undulating shapes on the canvases that are gloss varnished to shiny perfection.
My art is abstract and I create based on my emotions and experiences from one day to the next. In this way each piece is a reflection of how unique each new day is and at the same time how chaotic it can be. The beauty of each painting lies in the viewer. Not unlike staring at clouds, the individual can observe and experience something unique to them in every piece they see.
I also like to combine my love for painting with my background in graphic design and my passion for typography. I'm currently working on a series of bookmarks and small illustration pieces from multiple points of inspiration in my life. Not to mention some small oddity sculptures.

The Menagerie of Misplaced Memories 

The Menagerie is operated by Bri Skeels and Cee Jones, two interdisciplinary artists from central Illinois. They offer a range of unique pieces, from jewelry and fashion accessories, to illustrations, handmade dice, and artistic oddities. Patrons can expect to find a sense of dark whimsey throughout their work, a quality often complimented by the artists' use of recycled, reused, and found material.
Instagram – menagerie_m_memories

Curiosities & Art by Jasmine & Ryan

Jasmine creates unique jewelry pieces, skull sculptures, and paintings. Ryan is a fantastic professional photographer and will have prints of European locations he's been too. Very gothic and dark in aesthetic. 

Twisted Krystals 

Crocheted witch hats, skull skirts, wire wrapped pendants, and wire wrapped crystal trees

Facebook - Twisted Krystals

Dreamstate Visions 

Visionary paintings inspired by all things extraterrestrial, interdimensional and abstract. Created using acrylic and gouache paint. 
As well as a variety of handcrafted, epoxy resin orgonite items. Such as, coasters, jewelry, pock
et stones, keychains, and more.
Instagram – dreamstatevisions
Facebook - Dreamstate Visions

Knife in the Feathers 

All hand drawn, fine line artwork inspired by nature, darkness, magic, the occult and everything in between. All artwork is printed on high quality, giclee cold press art paper. All prints will be available framed or just the physical print. I accept commissions for custom pieces and sell prints and original artwork.
Instagram - knifeinthefeatherss

Whirls of Acrylic 

My art is about transporting the viewer into a world of my own making. Where dragons and fire worms exist, and skeletons can move despite no longer having the tendons and ligaments to do so. A world of my own design, a mix of the past and present, real and fiction.
Instagram - @whirlsofacrylic

Alley Kat’s Kreations

Alley Kat's Kreations makes handmade hats, plushies, and more with yarn, a hook, and lots of patience. They specialize in spooky and witchy items with a cute twist.
Facebook - AlleyKatsKreations

Willi’s Bowtique 

Every dog (or cat) deserves to be fashionable! Dress them up with handmade bandanas, bows and ties. Everything slides over the collar, with multiple bandana sizes available.
Facebook - Willi's Bowtique

Shaw Illustration 

I make mix media sculptures of insects and moths out of paper, felt, fabric, and clay. I also make wood cut printing that are nature inspired.

Pete Altieri, Author 

Pete Altieri is a horror author selling short story collections and novels.


I am a multi-media artist ranging from jewelry, stickers, potions, mini top hat, custom artwork all the way to plushies! Whether you like earthy elven inspired wares or cute and cuddly things, I got it!


Dienzo is a traditional oil painter focusing on dark beauty, "creepy cute," and pop culture. There will be original paintings, prints and t-shirts available for sale.


Blaze Badu is a painter and performer. My paintings are inspired by vintage circus and burlesque photography. Paintings, prints, buttons, plants and idols all with a devilish twist.
Instagram –Blazebadu
Facebook – Blazebadu

Ethereal Enigmas 

Inspired by the enigmatic nature of all things spooky, space & sea! I primarily wire wrap crystals & bones into pendants and other jewelry. A dreamer from birth, my interest in hobbies take me many places & I am also exploring paintings with acrylics and figures with polymer clay. But who knows what is to come with the next ebb & flow of the waves! Come & dive into the unknown with me.

Instagram - Ethereal Enigmas

13 Cobweb Corner 

I create beaded spiders & curious collage pieces using mixed media, captivating original photography & encaustics. Encaustic is an ancient art form using beeswax & damar resin. Fused in layers with heat to create magical images. Take a step into the cobwebbed corners of my mind where the beaded spiders have made their home.

Instagram - 13cobwebcorner

Black Wolf Carvings 

Black Wolf Carvings is an indigenous woman-owned small business based out of Bloomington, IL. Owner and artist, Mischa uses chainsaws and power tools to create unique carvings out of locally sourced wood.
Instagram - blackwolfcarvings

Severyn Designs 

Severyn Designs brings to life the dead, the odd, and the forgotten with ethical art pieces inspired by nature and antiques. Her work includes jewelry and assembled pieces made from bone, gemstones, doll parts, clock parts, as well as preserved flowers and other organic materials.

Houndstooth Woodwerk

Handcrafted furniture and art. Tables, chairs, lamps, planters, custom original Ouija boards tarot boards and other esoteric items.
Instagram - houndstwof

Kelly’s Kreepies

Hand painted, modified, creepified dolls.
ok - Kelly's Kreepies

Sinister Rex 

Sinister Rex focuses on the strange, supernatural and all things Halloween via shirts, pins, stickers and prints featuring art that embraces ridiculous wordplay with a retro spooky vibe.

Sarah Simpson Art 

I love making quirky illustrations and turning them into fun collectibles, gifts, and stickers. Some of my favorite themes to explore are animals, 80's/90's nostalgia, mysticism and the other worldly. I aim to instill my work with imagination and humor and love connecting to others through a shared love of campy, cute, and spooky stuff.

The Apothecary Cupboard

I am a Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Psychic Medium who offers a variety of items in my metaphysical shop, The Apothecary Cupboard. I sell ritual candles that come with candle readings, ritual kits, ritual oils, protection charms and more.

Shelby James Art 

Multimedia artist, specializing in oil painting and sculpting using animal bones.
Instagram - shelbyjames_art

Gathered Illusions 

Hand Blown Glass both furnace worked soft glass and flame worked borosilicate glass. I make glass pumpkins, flowers, ornaments, pendants, pens, bracelets and my main gig is borosilicate marbles that will blow your mind.

The Pipe Dream Salon

Original Jewelry and wall art, created by Sarah Fleming and Gavin Lee. Everything is hand drawn, then converted to vector art and laser cut/engraved, painted and finished by hand. For materials, we use a lot of hard woods, acrylics, various finishes such as paint, resin, custom metallic peel and stick, and put together the materials in fun and interesting ways. 
Themes vary. We do MCM, Art Nouveau, goth, steampunk, PRIDE, outrageous wall pieces with Gorgons, eyes, various anatomy, food, etc.  Sarah also does paintings/prints with mixed styles, currently mixing Art Nouveau with a more contemporary style with themes in queerness and gender.

Uncommon Coffin 

My brand is based on preserving life and showing the beauty after death. The display elements I use are typically second hand it vintage, I don’t want to create more waste and everything is made with love, care and intention. The specimens I use are locally sourced or gifted to me.
Instagram- uncommoncoffin
Facebook- uncommoncoffin

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